Tiger-Tech.ca Systems Booking (TTS) Policy

All Bookings are FINAL.

The Client will supply a firm date, approximate start and end time, type of event and a proper venue. Should the Client need to change a booked date, a fee of $50 may be applied if sufficient notice is not given. If the date is cancelled, there will be no refund of any deposit fees paid.

The Client will provide a public venue with at least two grounded 3-prong 15A power outlets on separate circuits (possibly three if lighting is involved) and a basic floor layout plan. For outdoor events a secure enclosure or tent with flooring must be provided. As applicable, the Client shall reserve a parking spot close to the venue to aid TTS in setup and teardown. TTS will check into the power arrangements as necessary and advise.

Tiger-Tech.ca Systems reserves the right to refuse to do an event due to an improper venue, outdoor shelter, or power arrangements.

TTS at its discretion may bring one or more assistants for the event.

There will be a one-way travel charge of $0.50 per Kilometre for events outside of Saskatoon plus a possible driving charge of $10/hour. Travel charges will be waived within the Saskatoon City Limits.

Arrival time is subject to traffic and weather conditions but TTS will do its best to setup approximately 1 hour before an event. Other arrangements may be made.

Bookings require a deposit of $100. Balance of payment will be required before an event ends. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards the total package price. A Contract shall be signed indicating the Client's commitment to a booking and Tiger-Tech.ca Systems' intention to supply the specified services.

The Client must ensure that they are satisfied with any arrangements made with Tiger-Tech.ca Systems before signing the Contract. However, TTS will do its best to accomodate the Client.

The Client gives permission for TTS to take pictures and/or video at their event for possible promotional use on this website.

TTS will do its best to fill as many music requests as possible. However, we do not guarantee that all requests will be filled. We encourage a short list of requests be submitted prior to the event.

TTS will not be held responsible for any technical difficulties that may arise during an event. However, we will minimize the effects as much as possible.

The Client will be responsible for any damage to Tiger-Tech.ca Systems' equipment or music caused by individuals at their event. The Client agrees to pay TTS for any and all repairs or replacement costs.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, certified cheque, bank draft, money order, Interact email payment; or PayPal (with additional 3% surcharge). Credit cards are not accepted at this time. GST will be applied to all prices.