Tiger-Tech.ca Systems Equipment List

Tiger-Tech.ca Systems Standard 2-way/3-way PA system

*NOTE: A subset of this equipment tailored to your event will be used.

We recommend that ear plugs should be worn. Even at 80-85ft away our sound system can reach 98dB and peak at almost 120dB!
CD Player(4) Pioneer CDJ700S & (2) CDJ-500II; Panasonic LX-600 CD/LD
Turntable(2) Technics SL1200MK2
Tape DeckPioneer(Dolby NR), Sony(Dolby B/C NR)
MixerPioneer DJM-300 3-ch DJ, Peavy 902 5-ch DJ, Mackie 1402VLZ3 14-ch
Amplifier(@8-Ohms)BGW 100B(50Wx2), BGW 150(75x2), BGW 750B(225Wx2), BGW 750E, BGW PS2 (200Wx2), (2) BGW PS4 (425Wx2), BGW GTB(300Wx2), Bose 1800(250Wx2)
Speakers(2) Martin Horn, (2) Yorkville 1" YH-1 Horn, (6) Bose 802 I/II full-range, (2) EAW FR152e 15"/1" Horn, (2) EAW LA212 12"/1" Horn, EAW FR250z 2x15" Sub, (4) EAW LA400 12" horn-loaded sub, (2) Cerwin Vega 15" Sub, (2) Yorkville Soundcrew (like JBL 4560) Horn-loaded 15" Sub, (4) Martin 115 15" Bass Bin
ProcessingBose 802E EQ, Bose 802C Limiter/EQ/Crossover, Ashly XR1001 Crossover
SynthesizerKorg X-3 61-Key
KeyboardYamaha PSR-47 61-Key
CasingSKB, etc.
StandsADJ, Bose, Ultimate, Yorkville, K&M
MicrophoneApex, Shure
Cabling...as appropriate and necessary
LightingMartin Punisher X250 DMX, (2) Martin Acrobat DMX, (4) ADJ X-Treme DMX, pinspots/mirror ball, Par36, Antari Z800 fogger, etc.

We can also provide a large horn-loaded 4-way (110dB+) scalable PA system for large sized (300+ people) outdoor events!*

Tape DeckNakamichi(Dolby B/C)
MixerPeavey 16x8, Yamaha 16x4 or 24-channelx4
Amplifier(2) SAE, (2) Traynor Beta, Yamaha, Fostex, Peavy
Speakers(6) Martin 15" bass bins, JBL 15" J-bass bins, 15" mid bins, dual 12" mids, (4) horns, (2) EV horns, Yamaha 15" + horn (powered) monitors, Yamaha 15" bass monitors
ProcessingPeavey and Yamaha 31-band EQs, Peavey 4-way active crossovers, Yamaha Compressor/Limiter, Tascam NR, and Roland EFX units
CasingAnvil Road cases
MicrophoneAKG, Shure, Crown wireless, AKG Shotgun
Cabling...as appropriate and necessary