Some Customer Comments about Systems

You played good music. Thank you! --Klassen Wedding, Herbert SK, July 2014
Thank you to our volunteers! --Live Sound assistant - Town of Herbert Centennial Celebrations, Herbert SK (Aug. long weekend 2012)
You have beautiful equipment. [You] did a pretty good job. David has good music. --Big Night Out in Herbert Pool Fundraiser Supper & Dance, Herbert SK (Aug. 2011)
The music sounds very nice over here. This is very good music. --Moonlight Madness, downtown Herbert SK (Dec. 2010)
Thanks alot! We really appreciate your hard work. You did a very good jog DJing! --MacFarlane Wedding Dance, Herbert SK (2010)
Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it! :) You did a great job! --Klassen Birthday Party/Social, Herbert SK (2010)
"Thanks for helping out today" :) --Cheng Wedding, Vancouver BC (2010)
"[I heard many good things about the dance.]" "Thanks!" --comments from Lions Club & Rec Board New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance, Herbert(2009)
"[We give a very high rating out of 10!]" "Good job!" --comments from Herbert School Christmas Dance, Herbert(2009)
"No suggestions - keep doing what you are doing." "You did a good job!" "Thanks!" --comments from Lions Club & Rec Board Fundraiser Halloween Dance, Herbert(2009)
"We love you!" "Thanks alot for playing music for us!" "That song was from my generation." "We really enjoyed the music!" "You played very good music." "You have quite the sound system." --comments from Lions Club Provincial Calvalcade for Diabetes Fundraiser Social/Dance (2-night), Herbert(2009)
"Good deal!" "Thanks!" --comments from Lions Club & Rec Board New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance, Herbert(2008)
"Thanks for playing music for us. Your lightshow is great!" "Everybody had a good time and is talking about it." "You played some excellent music!" --comments from Herbert Lions Club Halloween Fundraiser Dance, Herbert (2008)
"That song was a big part of my years growing up." "You played some great music!" "You're doing a great job." --comments from Bishop Klein School Dance, Saskatoon (2008)
"You played some good music." "You showed some good skills." "We Love You!" "When are you coming again?" --comments from Confederation Park School Spring Dance, Saskatoon (2006)
"You did a great job, David!" --comments from Levin Wedding Banquet & Dance, Vancouver (2005)
"I thought you did a great job. We would recommend you in the future!" "You played good music and the people were dancing all night." "Thanks for playing our songs :)" "Thanks alot for playing music!" --comments from Morris Wedding Dance, Saskatoon (2003)
"You did a great job. You played a good mix of music and got the people dancing!" "I had a good time." "Thanks for playing that song for me :)" "You have quite the sound system :)" --comments from Wiebe Wedding Banquet & Dance, Swift Current (2002)
"You did a great job!" "The music was great!" --comments from Jen Wedding Banquet & Dance, Saskatoon (2001)
"You did a great job. The music was great!" "The sound was great!" "Thanks for letting us use your mic during supper." "I will pass your card around to my friends." "You did a good job of keeping the people dancing." --comments from Wiens Wedding Banquet & Dance, Saskatoon (2001)
"Thank you!" "Thanks alot for coming out and playing for us!" "The sound was very nice - I could hear [details] I hadn't noticed before." "You have a cool system." "[The kids had alot of fun. I think it was a success.]" --comments from Brevoort Park School Spring Dance, Saskatoon (2001)

"This is more stuff than the other DJ brings." "You have hi-tech equipment." "You have my personal recommendation." --comments from Queen Elizabeth School Spring Dance, Saskatoon (2001)

Lots of happy teens :)
--Legion Track and Field Camp Dance, Saskatoon (2000).

"Things went rather well."
"You played some really good music."
"You did an excellent job!"
"You had me movin' all night long."
"Great job!"
"Way to go!"
--comments from Track & Field Combined Events Championships Banquet & Dance, Saskatoon (2000).

"I had fun!"
"You played some great music and did a great job!"
"Thanks for playing for us ... it was lots of fun!"
--comments from U of S Huskie Athletic Council Afterhours Dance, Saskatoon (2000).

"You have a very nice sound system, David. That's a solid endorsement from me."
"Thanks alot for playing music for us. We really appreciate it."
"Good job."

--comments from U of S Huskies Track and Field Quad Meet Team Social, Saskatoon (2000).

"That was very nice sound."
"The music was good."
"You have a nice sound system."

--comments from Zoranovic Wedding Banquet and Dance, Saskatoon (1999).