Tiger-Tech.ca Systems offers many services including (but not limited to) at a reasonable rate:

Basic website creation (eg. Don Mathies Ministries)
Basic electronics: soldering, recapping, wire repair, connector, etc.
General trouble-shooting
Basic Networking
Setting up Wi-Fi with Firewall
Software installation/configuration/updating/repair/removal
Virus/malware removal
Windows "Tune-Up" & updating
Reloading Windows
Data Backup
Data/File Recovery
Profile/Data migration

BIOS/Firmware updating
CMOS battery replacement
Hardware upgrades/replacement/testing (eg. power supply)
...some services from Notebooks also apply to Desktops.

Memory upgrade
CPU replacement
Hard drive replacement or upgrade to Solid State Device (SSD)
Firmware upgrades (BIOS/hardware)
LCD display, cable, inverter replacement or hinge/bezel repair
CMOS battery replacement
Main battery replacement
keyboard/touchpad replacement              
motherboard replacement or send away for repair
video card (if separate) or send away for repair (part of motherboard)
speaker replacement
fan replacement             
internal card/device replacement - if separate from motherboard (NIC/modem/Wi-Fi/sound/webcam/mic/USB ports, etc.)
Power connector resoldering/replacement
AC Adapter replacement

Printer upgrades/repairs//Toner refills/re-chip of toner & drum

and much more..............Please ask!