SK Provincial Electronics Recycling Program

NOTE: As of August 1, 2009 there is an environmental levy on the sale of new: mouse/keyboard $0.20 ea, displays ($7+), PC systems ($1.40), notebooks ($1), printers ($1.25), audio/video/home-theatre-in-a-box $1.10, and TVs ($7-28). Please see for more current details. Recycle your old/dead computer & parts at SARCAN or give away to a charity, etc. if it's working (P4 dual core or faster). You can also donate to Computers For Kids (Regina) or Sasktel Pioneers Do not dispose of computer equipment in the garbage - help out the Environment & the less fortunate. I would be happy to help anyone out with FREE pick up & recycling of their unwanted electronics, hardware or software. Recycle your old MP3, DVD, and CD players, & burnt media at a Best Buy near you.
Select retailers also accept old cell phones and rechargeable batteries.
Various places take old printer ribbons, ink cartridges (such as your local Lions Club) and toner for fundraising/recycling.

I may be interested if you have any old Atari items, or vintage Pioneer stereo components (such as "silver face").