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Hi. I am offering a high quality, high performing, refurbished small form factor (SFF) Lenovo PC that performs great. It uses little desk space, is fairly quiet, and keeps cool. Designed for business or general use for most people. Much less frustrating than trying to use a tablet for long periods of time. I have a few for sale.

If you are still using an older PC - you'll wonder why you waited this long to upgrade? 
Get much more done with this machine especially over a tablet.

Lenovo p/n is 7360-NN4

Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.66GHz Q8400
4GB 1066MHz DDR3 RAM total (2/4 slots, max 8GB)
namebrand 160GB 7200rpm hard drive
DVD burner
Intel Q45 and ICH10D0 chipset
built-in speaker
onboard Intel 4500 video with VGA & Displayport jack
onboard network (Gb)
onboard audio (with in/out/mic(rear)) jacks front/back
(8) USB 2.0 ports (front/back)
*serial port*
eSATA port
PCI slot (low profile)
PCI Express X16 slot (low profile)

Pricing is $138.10 plus GST.

Complete patched install of Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OEM with COA on case (eligible for FREE Win10 upgrade).

Compares well to current Intel iCore i3 CPUs.
See https://www.cpubenchmark.net/

Note that a new Lenovo SFF PC with iCore CPU will be start at about $500+ with taxes (includes 3-yr onsite warranty). 
I can sell you a new one of these instead.
Compare to namebrand refurb PCs in the big-box store for up to $300 with similar specs.

I can include a USB keyboard if you need one.
Does not include a power cord - assume you will replace an existing PC.  Or Add $4.

Does not include a USB mouse due to health reasons.
I also have a new high quality wireless MS laser mouse, or corded MS wheel optical mouse for sale if you need one. 

Also, new speakers for sale.

I can get data off your existing PC and transfer to this one at an additional charge.

HDD can be upgraded to a larger 250GB or 500GB depending on stock at nominal charge. 
This PC is also available without a hard drive if you want to use your own - at reduced price. 
I can also provide a new SSD drive at additional charge instead of the present hard drive.

Also, at additional charge - an Nvidia Quadro FX370LP low profile video card (must use additional special Lenovo MS59 to dual DVI cable available online).

Also, I have the same PC but with Core2 Quad 2.33GHZ Q8200 CPU and MS Vista Home Basic COA (no hard drive). p/n 7360-BE3.

If you want a Lenovo tower PC - I do have some with Core2 Quad CPU and Windows XP COA.

Also, some older P4 or dual core CPU units with WinXP COA but without hard drive for sale. Great for use with Linux (off a disc or flash drive) or older software.

I also have used LCD monitors in good shape for sale.

As this is a used PC - there may be minor marks on the case, minor dust inside, or sticker residue. May be missing case stickers or rubber feet. May not have all expansion slot covers. May have hole in side due to removal of security device.

Each PC has been tested to ensure that it boots from a disc, or the BIOS can be accessed. I doubt any of these PCs or hard drives have seen any heavy use.  Hard drive has been previously wiped and tested well.

Prices do not include GST.  Shipping is available for most of Canada.